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Welcome to Venice Beach California photo gallery!

This website presents photo exhibitions dedicated to the beauty of California's coast and features photography from Venice Beach, California. Please visit our photo exhibitions: Venice Beach Surfers; People on the Beach; Venice Beach Graffiti; Venice Beach Boardwalk; Beach After Sunset

Our featured exhibition "Venice Beach Surfers" presents photography from world famous Venice Beach California, where things like hippie culture and graffiti mix well with surfing, designer swimsuits, and family beach vacationing.

On a good day, surfers show off their skills in the water and create an excellent opportunity for watching California surfing.

See Exhibition: Venice Beach Surfers

"People on the Beach" is a series of photographs from Venice Beach California.

On a beautiful sunny day, Venice Beach is a place of leisure, sunbathing, and beach sports. Along with fresh air and beautiful scenery comes surfing, kite-boarding, beach-strolling, and of course a California style beach photo-shoot.

See Exhibition: People on the Beach

"Venice Beach Graffiti" is a collection of infrared photography from Venice Beach California.

Venice Beach California has to offer great surf, wide sandy beach, warm water and friendly, colorful environment. One of the creative outlets is graffiti park where spray-paint artists can express themselves freely, painting on surrounding objects including palm trees.

See Exhibition: Venice Beach Graffiti

"Beach Sunset" photos show California beach sunset in September.

Sometimes, usually in the fall and winter, there's one of those colorful California sunsets happen. People fishing on a pier and a few beach-goers are the lucky ones to witness it firsthand.

See Exhibition: Beach Sunset

"Beach After Sunset" photos show the beach after sunset in July.

Hot summer days in July make many people come and stay on the beach for as long as they can, especially after a beautiful sunset that left everything around colored pink. Surfers, swimmers and fishermen all share the last moments of a glorious day.

See Exhibition: Beach After Sunset

"Venice Beach Boardwalk" exhibition shows this famous beach location after sunset.

Venice Beach boardwalk is a funky place that burst with energy and music, with a lot of people coming to visit it, especially on the weekends. The regular crowd is a mix of hippies, artists, traders and International tourists; sun, bikini, muscle, tattoo and dog worshipers, locals who are exercising and homeless people. Venice Beach is loud and messy, but generally safe and everybody is pretty mellow.

See Exhibition: Venice Beach Boardwalk


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