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USA traveling: Top most colorful destinations

Based on the prestigious travel rankings, here are 8 colorful destinations that you cannot miss when traveling to the US.

Wooden Tulip Farm, Oregon

The flower field of the Iverson family of 40 hectares has been planted and opened in 1985. Up to now, this site has become an extremely popular tourist attraction. Every year, this place also organizes a tulip fair lasting from late March to early May to serve tourists.

Tulips are flowers for color enthusiasts. Flower beds are planted spreading according to each color creating waves of vibrant colors. There are dozens of different varieties of tulips here and there are sure to be flowers that make you want to buy a bunch to take home right away.

Art Deco in South Beach, Miami

The Art Deco neighborhood in South Beach, Miami is a pastel-colored paradise. The buildings here are painted yellow, purple, pink, blue, but in soft tones. This decor gives the city a retro vibe. This area has more than 900 buildings, making visitors think they are lost on a beach decades ago.

This is definitely an interesting destination in the cruise on the beautiful Miami coast, bringing the most memorable experience for all visitors.

Philadelphia Street Art, Pennsylvani

Philadelphia is the “home” of more than 3,500 murals of all sizes, shapes and colors. A walking tour around the city to see this outdoor gallery is also a great experience for visitors.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasupai Falls belongs to a reserve of the same name in Coconino County in the southwest corner of Grand Canyon National Park, famous for its clear blue waters and beautiful cascades.

The waterfall is about 27 meters high, flowing vertically from a large cliff to a deep lake, sometimes due to too much rain, the Havasu waterfall will flow down into two parallel waterways.

Tourists here must apply for a permit from the Havasupai tribe and hike through the 13km long distance. Being able to walk right below this shimmering waterfall is a valuable experience for anyone.

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Houston: the dynamic city of America

America has many rich and busy megacities for us to explore. One of the largest US cities that you should explore is the city of Houston. Houston is not only famous as the home of the NASA space center but also concentrates many malls and famous tourist attractions.

Houston is one of the four largest US cities and also the largest city in the state of Texas. The area of ​​Houston is about 1600 square kilometers and the population falls to nearly 6 million people. Traveling to Houston, you will have the opportunity to explore the busy streets, ancient architectural works and enjoy shopping at the leading commercial centers in the world.

Houston is a city influenced by a humid subtropical climate. Every year Houston has to catch hot winds blowing from the desert of Mexico. That is why the weather in Houston is quite hot, especially in the summer. Contrary to other cities around the world, you should not visit Houston in the spring or summer. In the spring there are hurricanes and cyclones, and the summers it is very dry and hot.

NASA Space Center

As a person living in the modern world of the 21st century, surely no one is unaware of the very famous NASA space center. But did you know where NASA is located? That is in Houston. This place is used to research, test and operate the American space flight. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a fascinating space as well as cosmic tour. NASA Space Center is usually open from 10am to 5pm daily. Only Saturday and Sunday will be open until 7pm.

Jade Buddha Temple

Perhaps you think that in a modern US city there will not be sacred temples like in Southeast Asian countries. However, you are wrong. In Houston, there is a very famous temple that attracts a lot of tourists to visit that is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This temple is located in the western part of Houston city and covers an area of ​​about 2.5 hectares. The pagoda was built in 1989 and became the center of beliefs and Buddhist studies for many schools in Houston.


Traveling to Houston, you must definitely take the time to visit the Galveston Island. This island is considered as a paradise for entertainment and relaxation in the city of Houston. It is located about 1 hour drive from downtown Houston. Coming to Galveston Island, you will discover the romantic beach, enjoy meals at luxury restaurants or high-end resorts. In addition, the island also has many other attractive attractions such as Moody Garden, pyramid-shaped botanical greenhouse, zoo, old town, etc.

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The Best Hot Springs in the United States

Irrespective of the season, natural hot springs offer relaxing, geothermal waters in frequently scenic settings. Throughout the USA, you could locate warm springs to healthy every journey preference, whether or not you’re trying to take a dip in nature after a hike or select a spa-like revel in. From Alaskan pools which might be perfect for viewing the northern lights to the countrywide park named for its geothermal waters, right here are 10 of the pleasant hot springs in the United States.

Of course, warm springs can be very dangerous, so be sure to use caution and best swim where it’s far safe.

Calistoga, California
Located in stunning Napa Valley, Calistoga is known for its abundant hot springs. Several resorts in the area provide mineral pools where visitors can enjoy the waters. Calistoga Spa hot Springs, for example, has 4 geothermal mineral pools, along with a hot whirlpool and a heat lap pool. For the ones looking for a steeply-priced stay during their wine us of a journey, Solage, Auberge accommodations collection is home to an expansive spa with a bathhouse offering geothermal pools of ranging temperatures.

Warm Springs kingdom Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Named Thermopolis for its many herbal hot springs, this city is home to warm Springs nation Park. site visitors can soak within the public bathhouse’s 104-degree waters for free. keep an eye out for bison, and make certain to check out the petroglyphs at Legend Rock at the same time as you’re there.

Travertine hot Springs, Bridgeport, California
Absorb perspectives of the Sierras while soaking in the herbal Travertine hot Springs near Bridgeport, California. positioned on California country Park land off of path 395, these small, rustic pools are an appropriate stop after an afternoon of trekking.

Chena hot Springs lodge, Fairbanks, Alaska
Possibly the maximum remote hot springs on this listing, Chena warm Springs motel is placed in Fairbanks, Alaska. The motel offers interesting activities all 12 months, along with the Aurora Ice Museum, however we advocate visiting all through the wintry weather months. The recent springs offer a at ease respite from cold temperatures, and you would possibly even spot the northern lighting at the same time as you soak.

Dunton hot Springs, Dolores, Colorado
Dunton hot Springs, an 1800s ghost metropolis-became-upscale lodge, offers a ramification of warm springs swimming pools in a picturesque putting. Soak in the bathhouse, in an outside pool, or e book the nicely house in your own private warm springs revel in.

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Manhattan: The Heart of New York City

Manhattan is a famous financial center in the state of New York. And if New York is a paradise, Manhattan is the heart of that paradise. This place is known as the place of big events, with famous fashion centers, newspapers of the United States and the world.

As one of 5 counties in New York, Manhattan is the image that people often think of when talking about beautiful New York. Those are familiar skylines and attractions that have been advertised thousands of times on screens.

Here, you will be lost in the world of miracles with many famous attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State of Mind building, museums, Broadway theater, walking around the central park Visit museums, experience the feeling of walking in the shadows of skyscrapers. What better way to visit and see the vibrant life of America shrunk and packed in the heart of modern Manhattan.

Manhattan can be said to be the most dynamic and modern place in the United States. Here, there is an art space not only encapsulated in museums but also on the crowded streets. The features of this city are shown on each small point. Especially the elegance and level of the people. This place is voted by many people as a famous scenic spot with a high number of annual tourists.

If anyone is dating, Manhattan is truly an ideal city, because only here you can save the moments both ancient and modern, but equally romantic in your frame. With a bustling nightlife lifestyle, Manhattan is always willing to open arms for those who like the bustle and dynamism.

New York City can be said to be the most dynamic and modern city in America. Artspace is not only encapsulated in museums but also on crowded streets. Luxurious, classy and voted by many as a famous scenic spot.

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The most beautiful cities in America

As one of the countries with the largest area in the world, that also gives America the most magnificent beauty that few countries have. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the famous cities, which are considered the most beautiful cities in America in particular, and in the world in general.

  1. New York
    Not only known as the most attractive and attractive city in the United States, New York is also considered one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. Coming to New York, you will surely admire modern high-rise buildings with unique architectural features, attracting the eyes of the viewer.
    In addition, New York is also a convergence of different cultures from all over the world. Here, you can find hotels, shopping centers or restaurants that are suitable for you.
  2. Boston
    Boston is a city known for many lively neighborhoods, you will feel like you will be lost in an American history book while walking around this city.

Boston city converges all the quintessence of New England with special dishes that you can hardly find all over America, such as: New England Bottled Soda, Maine Lobster …

  1. Washington DC
    Coming to Washington DC in spring, you will be amazed at the blooming beauty of the colorful flowers in the park or the small gardens. You will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful and unique gardens. unique in the world, such as: Rose Garden, Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, and White House Garden.
    Washington Monument is also a place that you should definitely not miss when coming to this city. Besides, there are also many clubs, restaurants, museums for you to choose to visit and entertain.
  2. Miami
    Miami is a city with bold culture of Latin America with white sand stretches and more than 16km of coastline.

You can also personally discover the most authentic Caribbean jewel with interesting music, cigars, handmade souvenirs, coffee and colorful restaurants.

  1. Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is known as a paradise of entertainment, where many famous modern spas, large 5-star hotels and golf courses of international standards are gathered.
    Besides, this city is also a very unique natural museum with tourist attractions such as Colorado River and Death Valley, Red Rock and Grand Canyon.
  2. Orlando
    Orlando is the city with the largest modern amusement park in the world – Walt Disney World Park – the place that anyone who comes to America wants to be here. This is a park not only for children, but even adults who come here can find their own joy in it.
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Best Places to Visit in New York (part 2)

Rockefeller Center Square

The Rockefeller Center has everything from beautiful sculptures, huge ice rinks, to restaurants and cafes close by. During the winter holidays, the square is sparkling with a giant Christmas tree and you can experience skating at the bottom. If your New York itinerary doesn’t take place during the winter days, don’t worry, because the city has so much to do year round. You can spend the mornings watching ‘To day’, observing the city from Top of the Rock in the afternoon and visiting Radio City Music Hall in the evening to join an exciting free show.

Rockefeller Center is located in central Manhattan between 5th and 6th boulevards, you can take train B, D, F or M. Top of the Rock is open from 8am to midnight every day (the last lift is at 11 pm) with tickets: 34USD / adult, 32USD / elderly and 28USD for children from 6 to 12 years old. Rockefeller Center tours cost US $ 25. If you’re traveling to New York on your own and want to save money, you can buy a combo for $ 48. The Rockefeller Center website provides more details about all the attractions around the square.

Times Square

Times Square is like a five-block metaphor for New York City. It is an interesting, colorful and ever-changing place. Some locals think the area is always chaotic and congested because so many people and recommend you stay away, but tourists recommend those who already own the plane ticket to New York that, this is is a place you should visit when it gets dark. Here you will see the neon lights from billboards gradually being turned on, which is also one of the great moments that you should not miss.

At New Year’s Eve, residents and tourists gather in the downtown area to admire the Waterford glass globe. This is one of the famous symbols of New York. If you are brave enough go to Times Square at this time to see the free drop ball. This is also one of the memorable experiences in New Year’s Eve.

If you still have the energy and cost, don’t miss the opportunity to buy tickets for a Broadway show. Apart from that, you can also drop by one of the outstanding rooftop bars and jazz clubs in the Meatpacking District after dark.

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Road to the underworld of Native Americans

The name “Devil’s Sinkholes” was born due to the intoxicating depth leading to another world of a vertical abyss between the Edwards Plateau, Texas.

As a national natural monument of the US since 1985, this hole is about 122 m deep, with the mouth size 12 x 18 m. It is the third largest and deepest cave in the state of Texas. As part of the limestone system of the underground caves in the Edwards Plateau, sinkholes are created when the geological crust cracks, according to the Texas Beyond History website.

This is archaeological evidence that the sinkhole was once considered a sacred place by the Native Americans, because locals found stalactites, arrows and other treasures in the area. Evidence from the sinkhole suggests that it may have been the burial ground for the dead, because “indigenous Americans consider the sinkhole or cave, rift, stream or water flowing out of the rock … The path to the underworld and the divine place.

In more modern times, this pit was once a gathering place for cowboys and cave explorers who carved their names or painted graffiti on limestone cliffs.

Today the sinkhole is the summer lodge of about one to four million Mexican long-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis). As the sun sets, you can see several bats fly out from the crater, until millions of bats transform into a giant cloud like a dark cloud in the sky.

You can even take a tour from Wednesday to Saturday in the summer to watch the awakened bats wander between the dark sky. Because this natural area is for guided tours only, visitors who want to visit should book in advance through the Devil’s Sinkhole Society management.
Visitors can visit the Rocksprings Visitor Center on the square at 101 N. Sweeten Street in Rocksprings. All tours depart at this center.

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Top 5 attractions associated with American history and culture

The United States is a superpower nation, with a wealth of political economy. In addition, the United States is also known for buildings associated with culture and long history. And in this article, IBID will take a look at five famous landmarks in the US that everyone has heard of, but may not fully understand.

  1. Statue of Liberty, New York
    The first is the statue of liberty in New York, the first tourist destination you need to explore when traveling to the United States. Considered a symbol of the United States since 1886, a gift from France, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom and wealth. The Statue of O is in the shape of a robed woman, symbolizing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. For immigrants to the United States, the image of the Goddess of Freedom held up with torches is a guarantee of escape from poverty.
  2. The White House

The White House, which helps you learn about US political history, is located in Washington DC, the official residence and office of the President of the United States. It was built between 1792 and 1800 and was first used by President John Adams. After the September 11 attacks, the White House became more secure and visitors who want to visit the site must register in groups of 10 or more and it takes up to six months before passed by members of Congress or US ambassadors in your country.

  1. Mount Rushmore Presidential Mount, South Dakota
    Mount Rushmore Presidential Mountain, South Dakota, another attractive destination that you cannot miss on your trip when booking a flight to the US. Located in the middle of the Black Hills in South Dakota, at a height of 60m, portraits of presidents carved into a huge granite cliff. This is the most famous monument in America. Between June and mid-September, people use the lights at night to create more majesty for these portraits.
  2. Independent Building, Philadelphia

Right in this building, the Declaration of Independence was signed, President George Washington was appointed commander of the Continental Army, and the Constitution was approved. The Independent Building is a separate part of the National Historical Park, where you will also find the Liberty Bell and several museums.

  1. Freedom Trail, Freedom Trail, Boston
    Finally, Freedom Trail is the path through downtown Boston. Perhaps Boston is the best place in the United States to help explore American revolutionary history, because most events take place in and around Massachusetts.

Walking in the Boston Freedom Trail is like visiting a revolutionary museum of history, where there are many impressive images recording the historic moments of the United States. There are many dramas set here to re-enact the American Revolution, especially including footage depicting the Boston massacre.

The above five destinations are only a very small part of the United States, a part of political history. In addition, the United States is also associated with majestic natural landscapes, strange and mysterious lands, diverse and unique cultural features, the United States is the dream land of many people. Coming to America and discovering many famous and attractive tourist destinations are waiting for you.

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Best Places to Visit in New York (part 1)

If you had a day in New York, which experience would you choose?

Even if you are not fascinated by the city’s famous skyscrapers and monuments, you will be blown away by art, food, fashion and nightlife. in the most modern city in the world: New York.

You can spend the morning watching the unique designs of Fifth Avenue and your afternoon catching stunning views from Top of the Rock. If you are an art lover, you can admire the outstanding works on display at Met and the Guggenheim before enjoying traditional dishes in Chinatown or Little Italy.

Central Park

Many tourists to the US have advised that you should not go through Central Park while on the way to another place, because you will be attracted by the fascinating beauty of nature and the sights of not Green space is up to 842 hectares.

Located in the north of central Manhattan, Central Park stretches from 59 to 110 and is surrounded by streets 8 and 5. Central Park is free to visit and welcome visitors from 6 am to 1 am everyday. Central Park became the favorite place of New Yorkers and tourists from all over. You can come here to exercise, dine, visit the zoo and more. As with any American location, the great time to visit is from 6 am to about 6 pm.

American Museum of Natural History

If you are interested in exploring the natural history of the world, the American Museum of Natural History is a great choice for you. You will discover through interactive exhibits whether on land, ocean or any other space.

The museum currently has about 32 million artifacts stretching over four blocks, 25 buildings and 45 exhibition spaces and is open from 10am to 5h45 ‘pm on the same day with the ticket price for each object is: 22USD / person Large, USD 17 / elderly, USD 17 / student and USD 12.5 / child from 2-12 years old. You can take train B or train C to 81 street number 1 and walk to 79 to visit the American Museum of Natural History, one of New York’s tourist attractions that you should not miss.

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Surreal images in the US make visitors think they are on another planet

Known for the red and white swirls of complex Navajo sandstone from the Jurassic period, the Vermilion Cliffs between Arizona and Utah, USA will make you feel lost in Mars.
Coyote Buttes North
The Vermilion cliffs are divided into several major areas. Coyote Buttes North is located along Arizona and Utah, although beautiful, it also limits the number of visitors to protect the ecosystem in this place. In addition to the ravishing images of cliffs of all colors, white, orange, pink … visitors can come here to see more than 1,000 dinosaur prints imprinted on the sediment, with dating back to 190 million years before the Jurassic.

This is one of the most beautiful and majestic scenes here. Located south of the Utah border, Wave is also considered one of the state symbols. Although the limit on the number of people allowed to visit makes Wave not one of the most popular tourist attractions, but this destination really gives you the experience and the most impressive photos.

Melody Arch & Grotto
Like Wave, this place is located in Coyote Buttes North. Melody Arch & Grotto is called after Melody Thomas, a photographer who has taken beautiful photos of the place to people around the world.

Another icon in the same Coyote Buttes North area, Alcove is located not far from the Melody Arch but a bit hidden. If you take a hard walk and look, you will admire an interesting landscape created by cliffs formed naturally over millions of years. You can also spot the remains of fossilized ancient plant systems at the foot of the sand dunes.

Coyote Buttes South
Coyote Buttes South also brings extremely bizarre beauty with extremely impressive colors and shapes. This is also one of the places very well preserved and extremely limited visitors. Each day only about 20 people are allowed to walk to admire this place. This area is very wide, so you need to bring drinking water.

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