10 tips for organizing a US sports trip (part 2)


2. Citi Field, not Yankees Stadium

If you’re going to the United States, you’re usually going to make it to New York City. And if it’s a summer trip, there are some more unquestionable New York experiences than catching a ballgame.

Yankees Stadium has such a huge lure of to tourists. And the Bronx Bombers are one of the world’s most recognizable sporting franchises with their fans being among the most passionate.

It is no doubt that you will have a great time heading up to the Bronx Bombers  for the game and the atmosphere here won’t make you disappointed. However, the truth is that Yankees, the new stadium, isn’t the best ballpark in New York. The new ballpark, opened in 2009 and equipped with a host of luxury trappings, seems more like one of the most beautiful shopping malls in the United States. Therefore, it sometimes makes the game on the field feel like an afterthought.

While it’s more fun to come back home than watching a Yankees game, the New York Mets Citi Field in Queens, where the game itself is the attraction, is one of the finest ballparks in the United States.

3. Behind the goal not on the side

When it comes to baseball, the closer to the homeplate you are, the better the atmosphere is going to be. When it comes to a football game, it’s hard to score a bad seat. You’ll be able to get a good view of all action of the game from the side of a game.

For hockey, you should try to get seats behind one of the goals. The hockey game can move very fast and the action can be much harder to follow when you have to look down low on one of the sides through two plates of glass.

For basketball, you should get seats which are as close to courtside as possible. However, that can be costly if it is a major franchise such as the Knicks or the Lakers.

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