10 tips for organizing a US sports trip (part 3)

4. Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the American sporting traditions when fans gather in the school grounds or car parks outside sporting venues, usually behind their parked car (hence the tailgate moniker), to cook food, drink beer, and play corn toss. Tailgating is most commonly associated with football and fans’ party atmosphere outside these games creates a great buzz.

It’s unlikely you will be traveling by car that is loaded with a barbecue and supplies on holiday; however, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Almost US sports fans are very friendly, approachable, and accommodating. You can also bring along some beers and gatecrash!

5. Catch the anthem

If you go with an anti-American mate, this is the time to convince them to stop talking about cultural imperialism for a second.

Quite simply, the Star Spangled Banner’s performance before each game is really a spectacle in itself. At some cities such as Soldier Field in Chicago, the performance will be punctuated by an aircraft flying over. In other cities, fireworks explode when the singer hits “the rockets red glare”. Otherwise, at the United Centre for Blackhawks games, the crowd of fans will cheer the entire time when Jim Cornelius sings the anthem while in Portland, the soccer fans sing the anthem entirely themselves.

These are the special moments that you don’t want to miss, showing that the pride in their country of American people is quite literally hair-raising in such a good way.

6. Older the better

Although America is considered as a big, bombastic, and flashy country, one of its greatest appeals as a tourism destination is the way it celebrates and commemorates its history. A trip to its enthralling museums like the JFK Museum in Dallas or the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis will show you how respectfully this country treats its past.

The same goes for sport. Immaculately restored, Fenway Park – the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball – is uniquely configured with its high green wall jutting out behind left field as well as its old seats still facing forwards towards the ground instead of towards the plate.

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