At The Border: Things To Know About Crossing To And From The USA (part 3)

7. Have ID present and ready

Border security hopes travelers to be familiar with the process of crossing the border. If a traveler isn’t familiar with it personally, they should at least have well versed themselves in the rules prior to travel. The border patrol officer will not hesitate to ask questions and will want to push cars through or send them back as quickly as possible because there will usually be a long line behind you.

8. Sales tax is a wee bit higher

Many don’t expect the conversion when traveling to Canada. The tricky thing is that each province has its own tax so this is something to be researched before traveling. Tax can be as much as 15% in some places that can be quite the surprise if someone isn’t expecting it. The reason is that Canada adds federal sales tax onto everything, from goods to services. If you hadn’t previously done so, it’s something to account for in the budget. Specifically allotting money to cover this can prevent stress later on.

9. Driver’s licenses are valid once crossed

Although Canada is another country, it is not so foreign that driver’s licenses from the US are no longer valid once its border is crossed. While many places will prohibit the use of a license being earned out of the country, Canada is not one of them. The road laws are mostly very similar and provide no significant challenge to those that are visiting from out of the country. If this were the case, there would be no such thing as a border crossing via automobile.

10. Roaming charges on cell phones may apply

It is always a good idea to check with cell phone providers to find out where roaming charges begin and end. These specifications vary from provider to provider and also from plan to plan, meaning every company has different roaming bounds. Moreover, the price of roaming charges will vary between plans and providers. Therefore, it is easier to decide whether or not to bite the bullet and deal with charges or go sans cell phone if a quick inquiry is made in advance.

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