Five Cities for Tennis Fans in the U.S.

The US Open, the last Grand Slam tournament of this year, is sure to stir up a lot of drama once again this year. It can’t be denied that the US, and most of its big cities, is borderline obsessed with tennis. Here is a list of the best cities for tennis in the US.

1. New York City

Certainly, New York City has to be first ranked on the list because it has been hosting the US Open since 1978. During the summer, tennis players in the 5 boroughs in and around the Big Apple flock to neighborhood parks to watch the amazing matches either casually or competitively. There is a saying that playing tennis in New York City is an art form.

2. Chicago

Chicago has a rich tennis history, too. This East Coast city is home to the Midtown Athletic Club, among the most iconic sporting facilities in the US, making it a bona fide tennis center. In spite of owning the nickname “Windy City” and having harsh winters, Chicago is considered as an “awesome tennis town” mainly because of its abundance of active players and participation rates all year round.

3. San Diego

San Diego‘s climate is perfect for playing tennis. In terms of facilities, the most popular might be the tennis club in Balboa Park because it is home to more than 20 hard courts with a 4,000 seating capacity.

4. Los Angeles

Los Angeles embodies every level of the sport, from upcoming junior players to certified tennis greats. Big universities like UCLA and USC dominate the NCAA Division I tennis landscape and boast a handful of nationally ranked names. The city is more than just home to the LA Dodgers, the LA Lakers, and Hollywood.

5. Atlanta

Atlanta is often considered as a dynamic tennis community. It hones tennis players right from junior level, nurtures them to become better people overall, and imparts the fundamentals of the sport. Moreover, Atlantic holds famous events like the BB&T Atlanta Open, a men’s pro tournament which has past champions including homegrown players John Isner and Andy Roddick.

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