Houston: the dynamic city of America

America has many rich and busy megacities for us to explore. One of the largest US cities that you should explore is the city of Houston. Houston is not only famous as the home of the NASA space center but also concentrates many malls and famous tourist attractions.

Houston is one of the four largest US cities and also the largest city in the state of Texas. The area of ​​Houston is about 1600 square kilometers and the population falls to nearly 6 million people. Traveling to Houston, you will have the opportunity to explore the busy streets, ancient architectural works and enjoy shopping at the leading commercial centers in the world.

Houston is a city influenced by a humid subtropical climate. Every year Houston has to catch hot winds blowing from the desert of Mexico. That is why the weather in Houston is quite hot, especially in the summer. Contrary to other cities around the world, you should not visit Houston in the spring or summer. In the spring there are hurricanes and cyclones, and the summers it is very dry and hot.

NASA Space Center

As a person living in the modern world of the 21st century, surely no one is unaware of the very famous NASA space center. But did you know where NASA is located? That is in Houston. This place is used to research, test and operate the American space flight. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a fascinating space as well as cosmic tour. NASA Space Center is usually open from 10am to 5pm daily. Only Saturday and Sunday will be open until 7pm.

Jade Buddha Temple

Perhaps you think that in a modern US city there will not be sacred temples like in Southeast Asian countries. However, you are wrong. In Houston, there is a very famous temple that attracts a lot of tourists to visit that is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This temple is located in the western part of Houston city and covers an area of ​​about 2.5 hectares. The pagoda was built in 1989 and became the center of beliefs and Buddhist studies for many schools in Houston.


Traveling to Houston, you must definitely take the time to visit the Galveston Island. This island is considered as a paradise for entertainment and relaxation in the city of Houston. It is located about 1 hour drive from downtown Houston. Coming to Galveston Island, you will discover the romantic beach, enjoy meals at luxury restaurants or high-end resorts. In addition, the island also has many other attractive attractions such as Moody Garden, pyramid-shaped botanical greenhouse, zoo, old town, etc.