Manhattan: The Heart of New York City

Manhattan is a famous financial center in the state of New York. And if New York is a paradise, Manhattan is the heart of that paradise. This place is known as the place of big events, with famous fashion centers, newspapers of the United States and the world.

As one of 5 counties in New York, Manhattan is the image that people often think of when talking about beautiful New York. Those are familiar skylines and attractions that have been advertised thousands of times on screens.

Here, you will be lost in the world of miracles with many famous attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State of Mind building, museums, Broadway theater, walking around the central park Visit museums, experience the feeling of walking in the shadows of skyscrapers. What better way to visit and see the vibrant life of America shrunk and packed in the heart of modern Manhattan.

Manhattan can be said to be the most dynamic and modern place in the United States. Here, there is an art space not only encapsulated in museums but also on the crowded streets. The features of this city are shown on each small point. Especially the elegance and level of the people. This place is voted by many people as a famous scenic spot with a high number of annual tourists.

If anyone is dating, Manhattan is truly an ideal city, because only here you can save the moments both ancient and modern, but equally romantic in your frame. With a bustling nightlife lifestyle, Manhattan is always willing to open arms for those who like the bustle and dynamism.

New York City can be said to be the most dynamic and modern city in America. Artspace is not only encapsulated in museums but also on crowded streets. Luxurious, classy and voted by many as a famous scenic spot.