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Best casinos in Las Vegas (part 2)

3. Best casino for poker: Bellagio

Add: Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd., S., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Tel: +1 (888) 987-6667

Although newer spots have come and gone, the poker room at Bellagio remains a favorite among both veterans and amateurs. The cavernous space near the sportsbook offers 40 tables in all, often a healthy mix of limit and no-limit Hold ‘Em, Omaha, and more.

Players can get drinks, food, and even back and neck massages delivered tableside while they are playing at any time of day or night.

The highest-stakes games are set in a back area dubbed Bobby’s Room, named after the 1978 World Series of Poker Champion Bobby Baldwin, who is now an executive for MGM Resorts International. Come there late-night and you might spot pros playing for millions.

4. Best casino for non-gamblers: MGM Grand

Add: MGM Grand, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd., S., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Tel: +1 (877) 880-0880

You don’t have to be wagering big at the craps table in order to have a memorable night at MGM Grand. The casino is known for its vast table games pits and one of the stingiest slot machines in the history of Las Vegas, but the expansive destination has a lot of diversions for non-gamblers as well.

Make sure to check out LEVEL UP, the glorified arcade for grown-ups is inside the front door by the golden lion. Besides beer pong, the fun zone also offers billiards, Pop-A-Shot, one of the largest games of Pac-Man on Earth, as well as an original Sigma Derby – a horse race-themed slot machine which lets players bet on individual horses.

5. Best casino for a variety of table games: Golden Nugget

Add: Golden Nugget, 129 E. Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101

Tel: +1 (844) 468-4438

Downtown’s swankiest casino happens to be the best place to experience a variety of table games.

Floor managers at the Nugget historically have welcomed table-game pilots, meaning that depending on when you visit, you may find a brand-new game or even two on the main gaming floor.

Besides the steady stream of newcomers inside, Golden Nugget also spreads table games outside by the pool; just make sure to keep your money in a waterproof pocket.

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The Most Dangerous Cities In The USA (part 2)

Stockton, California

Like Oakland (also on this list), Stockton doesn’t have a shiny resume. Though it is in California, according to Escape Here, Stockton has had more than 68 crimes per 10,000 people. According to USA Today, the city doesn’t have the lowest unemployment rate in the US but its poverty rate is around 23%. A CBS News article released almost 10 years ago showed that it looks like Stockton is improving from their 13.8 violent crimes per 1,000 people.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Not many people visit Arkansas unless they are going to Little Rock. The quaint town of about 200,000 people offers some awesome outdoor activities. However, those might be on hold as the crime rate is so high. According to Escape Here, there are almost 88 crimes per 10,000 residents – which is massive.

While the unemployment rate seems to be low, the poverty rate is extremely high. So what is eating Little Rock – the largest city of Arkansas? Gang violence. The Huffington Post notes that there was even a documentary about the crisis named Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock.

Oakland, California

Sadly, due to its long history with gang violence, Oakland of California is a frequent visitor on the most dangerous state lists. It is a real shame considering how beautiful living in California is and how affordable Oakland can be.

According to The United States Census Bureau, besides its gangs, break-ins, and homicides, Oakland also has a high poverty rate around 20%. However, the city has seen slow improvement, therefore, let’s hope that they will come in a little higher in the next couple of years.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland might be best-known for their crab but they are also known for their dangerous streets. In Baltimore, there was almost a homicide per day of the year two years ago. Its high crime rate is also a contributing factor in the increasing number of people unemployed and homeless. However, Baltimore’s rough neighborhoods is semi-known, thanks to multiple TV shows depicting the crime Baltimore sees.

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The Most Dangerous Cities In The USA (part 1)

With 50 states and more than 300 million people, the United States of America is filled with different terrain and culture. America is brave and vast, from the Concrete Jungle in New York to the red clay over in Utah. Each state has its own identity, which makes so many locals in the US proud.

However, as big as America is, there is also a lot of room for error. Not every city in each state is running smoothly. Meanwhile, just because a city was dangerous back in the 1970s doesn’t mean it remains dangerous in 2019. There are a variety of sites that compile the most dangerous cities in the US year after year.

Cleveland, Ohio

The Most Dangerous Cities In The USA

Cleveland isn’t the largest city in the state of Ohio but it might be one of the most dangerous. Cleveland is showed by World Atlas to have around 1,300 violent crimes out of 100,000 people.

While many people visit Cleveland for summers by Lake Erie or visit its many museums, parts of the city are falling apart because of its high unemployment rate and poverty.

Rockford, Illinois

In terms of the great state of Illinois, many people think of Chicago. Although Chicago might be bigger than Rockford in population, the later has Chicago beat when it comes to danger. According to Escape Here, there were more than 1,700 cases of assault as close as 2 years ago, and with a population of more than 147,000 making Rockford quite a sketchy place to be come nightfall.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri has a population of almost 500,000, which means there are thousands of people loving Kansas City and calling it home. However, it is also widely-known for its increase in crime in the past couple of years. USA Today explains that with a high poverty and violent crimes rate, Kansas City’s crime is on the rise.

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Best casinos in Las Vegas (part 1)

Between the glam, the glitz, the endless buffets and those seas of megahotels, slot machines in Las Vegas quickly can blend together. However, not all Las Vegas resort destinations are created equal. Some properties shine in the food and beverage department, while others excel with casino offerings. Some are great for nongamblers, while others have great spas.

Here are some of our most favorite casino hotels where guests can roll the dice, parties like Rhianna or Ed Sheeran, eat like royalty, and take in some unforgettable views:

1. Best casino for sports betting: Caesars Palace

Address: Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd., S., Las Vegas, NV 89109;

Tel: +1 (866) 227-5938

The sportsbook, which part of the casino where you bet on sports, inside Caesars Palace is a sports fan’s paradise that draws large crowds and offers a tailgating-style experience during great games to the 15,580-square-foot corner of the floor.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Its pride and joy: a 138-foot LED video wall comprising twelve 50-inch plasma screens, six oversized 12-by-15-foot screens, and 20-by-50-foot LED board with up-to-the-minute wagering lines on all the games.

The configuration gives Caesars Palace’s oddsmakers the choice to carry dozens of sporting events at any given time. In 2017, renovations added a bar and 140 comfy chairs, and with a new app, players can order food off a menu and also have everything delivered to their seats.

2. Best casino for slots: ARIA

Address: ARIA Resort & Casino, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd., S., Las Vegas, NV 89158;

Tel: +1 (866) 359-7757

ARIA does not only boast one of the Las Vegas Strip’s largest slot-machine floors; it also provides one of the most exclusive slot rooms anywhere in Nevada.

That high-limit room, dubbed SPIN, was designed by New York-based architect Peter Marino. It offers some machines which cost up to $5,000 per pull. It also has a separate area for guests to exchange slot tickets for dollars, a full-service dining area, private bathrooms, as well as a staff of butlers to cater to every guest’s needs.

The resort is home to about 2,000 slots, including current-day favorites like Anchorman, Wheel of Fortune 3-D, The Walking Dead II, and The Simpsons. The casino of ARIA hosts a slot tournament several times each year.

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Top Travel Destinations in the USA for your 20’s (Part 2)

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon

You can take a short helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the famous Grand Canyon and have a great experience of an American show to walk and watch the sunset over the Colorado River. You can fly at night to watch the bright lights of Las Vegas from above. The place will enlighten your day, making it more unforgettable.

5. Chicago (Illinois)


Chicago surely comes to mind concerning architecture and museums. Chicago offers attractive museums, botanical gardens, skyscrapers, aquariums, shopping centers, restaurants, and a lot of other activities. If you are a fan of art, the Chicago Art Institute provides various art galleries and art sessions throughout the year. Besides Chicago, there are many other areas in Illinois deserve a visit, including Springfield, where Abraham Lincoln was established for a long time. Moreover, you can enjoy some of the most popular festivals of America in Illinois throughout the season.

6. Niagara Falls

When it comes to attractive destinations in the US, it’s not enough without mentioning Niagara Falls, one of the most amazing natural wonders you can see. Niagara Falls include three different waterfalls: American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Phil Bridal Falls. With more than 14 million visitors each year, Niagara Falls has become one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions.

7. Disney World Walk

Walt Disney World is another famous tourist destination in the US. It includes many separate parks like the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Blizzard Beach Water Park, and the Animal Kingdom. Walt Disney World offers you the chance to enjoy the tourism thrill, see Broadway shows, and even explore the nightlife, shopping, cooking, and more.

There are many other amazing destinations in the US for you to visit. Approach the booking agency and then book the best flight deals. Once you arrive in the US, you can easily visit any famous tourist destination mentioned above.

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Top Travel Destinations in the USA for your 20’s (Part 1)

If you are planning for a trip to popular tourist destinations in the US, it all depends on the type of vacation you want to spend. This country can offer a variety of destinations for all types of vacations. Whether you are looking for a fun family vacation, a romantic walk, an incredible individual trip, or an adventure ski vacation, the country provides you with the widest range of fashionable places.

1. Las Vegas

If you are looking for a holiday theme, start with visiting entertainment capital – Las Vegas! This is undoubtedly one of the most well-known destinations on the planet. Las Vegas is home to some of the most popular, extravagant, largest, and glittering hotels in the world. If you are looking for the true thrill of entertainment, Las Vegas is obviously the number one choice! It offers everything that you have ever wanted as entertainment enthusiast. Just prepare for getting fun and cover all the destinations of your choice.

2. New York City

The pride of the US, known as The Big Apple, is one of the top holiday destinations in the country, and nobody wants to ignore it. New York City offers great attractions like mountains and beaches, thousands of islands, including the famous national parks and Niagara Falls, as well as countless entertainment venues like the largest museums, theater, etc. Besides these monuments, there are a lot of American symbols, like a statue. Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building make New York City one of the most widely-known cities in the world.

3. Los Angeles

This is the second busiest destination in the US after New York. This wealth of entertainment is not only famous for its appeal to Hollywood and the world’s top celebrities but also its locations like Disneyland, its mountains, its beaches, skiing, gardens, zoos, climbing, etc. The Mount Shasta volcano is another place which draws attention to Los Angeles. And what else is mentioned here than California, an American dream?

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Five Cities for Tennis Fans in the U.S.

The US Open, the last Grand Slam tournament of this year, is sure to stir up a lot of drama once again this year. It can’t be denied that the US, and most of its big cities, is borderline obsessed with tennis. Here is a list of the best cities for tennis in the US.

1. New York City

Certainly, New York City has to be first ranked on the list because it has been hosting the US Open since 1978. During the summer, tennis players in the 5 boroughs in and around the Big Apple flock to neighborhood parks to watch the amazing matches either casually or competitively. There is a saying that playing tennis in New York City is an art form.

2. Chicago

Chicago has a rich tennis history, too. This East Coast city is home to the Midtown Athletic Club, among the most iconic sporting facilities in the US, making it a bona fide tennis center. In spite of owning the nickname “Windy City” and having harsh winters, Chicago is considered as an “awesome tennis town” mainly because of its abundance of active players and participation rates all year round.

3. San Diego

San Diego‘s climate is perfect for playing tennis. In terms of facilities, the most popular might be the tennis club in Balboa Park because it is home to more than 20 hard courts with a 4,000 seating capacity.

4. Los Angeles

Los Angeles embodies every level of the sport, from upcoming junior players to certified tennis greats. Big universities like UCLA and USC dominate the NCAA Division I tennis landscape and boast a handful of nationally ranked names. The city is more than just home to the LA Dodgers, the LA Lakers, and Hollywood.

5. Atlanta

Atlanta is often considered as a dynamic tennis community. It hones tennis players right from junior level, nurtures them to become better people overall, and imparts the fundamentals of the sport. Moreover, Atlantic holds famous events like the BB&T Atlanta Open, a men’s pro tournament which has past champions including homegrown players John Isner and Andy Roddick.

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Amazing Places To Visit In the USA In Summer 2019 (part 2)

4. Santa Barbara

With balanced weather all year round, Santa Barbara – a major city in California – beats other tourist destinations of the USA making it an ideal place for a summer vacation. Don’t miss visiting the Butterfly beach to witness a panoramic view of the sunset and if you want some good surfing time, try Arroyo Burro Beach Country Park. Let the eateries and wineries woo your senses like never before.

5. Rehoboth Beach

Whether you’re planning a solo trip or the best summer vacations in the USA for families, a serene beach town like Rehoboth beach with delicious seafood and beautiful sunset has more in store for you. Add some thrilling vibes to your trip by signing up for annual Sandcastle Contest in September and tour the most ancient cottages around.

6. Glacier National Park

Have you ever witnessed snow in July? Well, you can be definitely in for a treat if you visit Glacier National Park that lets you peek through Montana’s wildlife via a car ride. Other options to explore this nature’s gem in Montana are camping at various 13 sites and hiking through the park’s trails of 700 miles. If you want to traverse through the off beaten path of this region, you can also obtain the backcountry permit.

7. Northern Vermont

Northern Vermont offers a perfect combo of woodsy and happening vibes in one place. With a range of places around the ski mountains, hiking spots, and restaurants onboard, you would be spoilt for choice in this mountain paradise.

8. Ithaca

In summer, Ithaca becomes very vibrant with all the finger lakes that add more to its charm. Your holiday is incomplete if you don’t try the restaurants here with fresh produced and quite unique wines to taste. Explore its beauty with Treman State Park, and Buttermilk Falls.

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Amazing Places To Visit In the USA In Summer 2019 (part 1)

Whether you want to simply walk your way through a few adventure parks and choose from the various rides, or find a perfect holiday destination that is amid the soothing national parks and gorgeous lush green valleys, or just want to go to the beach for that perfect tan, the United States is a place where you can find everything of the like and more. Have you felt excited about planning a vacation to the USA this summer? These are the most amazing cities to visit in the USA this summer.

  1. Tucson

Tucson is one of the best summer vacation spots in the USA. If you like some good hike up the stunning landscapes in the evening, the best place is surely Mount Lemmon, where you can easily find soothing brooks at the mountain’s base to relax after your hike. Remember to check out the renowned courtyard dining options of Tucson to chill with your fellas in spite of the high temperatures during the day time.

2. Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast is one of the best cities to visit in the USA during the summer. Hiking is one of the best options to try in Oregon Coast and when you’re at it, try to soak in all the Pacific winds that you can. Involving a route through old forests and oceans, Three Capes Scenic Loop is considered the best hiking trail. Don’t forget to stop by Oregon Coast to get the best of what the USA offers, including hiking, sightseeing, and more.

3. Wellfleet

Away from the hustle and bustle of the Provincetown, this artsy and dreamy town of Wellfleet has much more than you can imagine. Coming here to go windsurfing in the soothing bay waters or hop on a kayak in one of the most beautiful places in the USA during summer months. Hiking and biking are some of the best-known activities in Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. This is one of the most amazing places to visit in the summer in the USA.

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America’s Top Vacation Destinations for Sports Fans

Sports is a major part of American culture and Americans are crazy about sports. Whether you’re a diehard fan or new to loving sports, you will want to check out these top vacation destinations for sports fans in America.

1. The Baseball Hall of Fame

Get yourself to Cooperstown, New Yỏk to visit the widely-known Baseball Hall of Fame. Featuring more than 60,000 square feet of exhibit space, it displays countless treasures from baseball’s past.

Cooperstown itself is quite charming. You can get around on old-fashioned trolleys which go from Main Street to the museums in town. It offers special events from an annual baseball games at Doubleday Field to crafts shows, car shows, special Christmas activities, harvest festivals, and golf tournaments at the Leatherstocking Golf Course.

2. Fantasy sports camps

At the Chicago Cubs Fantasy Camp, wearing a personalized Cubs uniform, you shag pop flies and swing for the fences at historic Wrigley field.

If football is your sport of choice, try the Notre Dame Football Fantasy Camp, where you can get instruction from Notre Dame’s head coach and his assistants.


With 75 million fans and about $3 billion in annual sponsorships, NASCAR has become the most popular spectator sports in the US.

NASCAR driver Richard Petty provides fantasy racing camps, which allows you to drive a real race car on a real racing track.

4. The Boxing Hall of Fame

If you are a boxing fan, you may want to take a trip to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, NY.

Canastota was selected as the home of the Boxing Hall of Fame because of its two native sons, Billy Backus and Carmen Basilio, who held championship belts in the welterweight and middleweight divisions respectively.

5. The Football Hall of Fame

Canton, Ohio’s Pro Football Hall of Fame includes interactive exhibits such as an Instant Replay challenge where visitors can play referee. It was built to “honor the heroes of the game, preserve its history, promote its values, and celebrate excellence.”

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