Surreal images in the US make visitors think they are on another planet

Known for the red and white swirls of complex Navajo sandstone from the Jurassic period, the Vermilion Cliffs between Arizona and Utah, USA will make you feel lost in Mars.
Coyote Buttes North
The Vermilion cliffs are divided into several major areas. Coyote Buttes North is located along Arizona and Utah, although beautiful, it also limits the number of visitors to protect the ecosystem in this place. In addition to the ravishing images of cliffs of all colors, white, orange, pink … visitors can come here to see more than 1,000 dinosaur prints imprinted on the sediment, with dating back to 190 million years before the Jurassic.

This is one of the most beautiful and majestic scenes here. Located south of the Utah border, Wave is also considered one of the state symbols. Although the limit on the number of people allowed to visit makes Wave not one of the most popular tourist attractions, but this destination really gives you the experience and the most impressive photos.

Melody Arch & Grotto
Like Wave, this place is located in Coyote Buttes North. Melody Arch & Grotto is called after Melody Thomas, a photographer who has taken beautiful photos of the place to people around the world.

Another icon in the same Coyote Buttes North area, Alcove is located not far from the Melody Arch but a bit hidden. If you take a hard walk and look, you will admire an interesting landscape created by cliffs formed naturally over millions of years. You can also spot the remains of fossilized ancient plant systems at the foot of the sand dunes.

Coyote Buttes South
Coyote Buttes South also brings extremely bizarre beauty with extremely impressive colors and shapes. This is also one of the places very well preserved and extremely limited visitors. Each day only about 20 people are allowed to walk to admire this place. This area is very wide, so you need to bring drinking water.