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Top 5 attractions associated with American history and culture

The United States is a superpower nation, with a wealth of political economy. In addition, the United States is also known for buildings associated with culture and long history. And in this article, IBID will take a look at five famous landmarks in the US that everyone has heard of, but may not fully understand.

  1. Statue of Liberty, New York
    The first is the statue of liberty in New York, the first tourist destination you need to explore when traveling to the United States. Considered a symbol of the United States since 1886, a gift from France, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom and wealth. The Statue of O is in the shape of a robed woman, symbolizing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. For immigrants to the United States, the image of the Goddess of Freedom held up with torches is a guarantee of escape from poverty.
  2. The White House

The White House, which helps you learn about US political history, is located in Washington DC, the official residence and office of the President of the United States. It was built between 1792 and 1800 and was first used by President John Adams. After the September 11 attacks, the White House became more secure and visitors who want to visit the site must register in groups of 10 or more and it takes up to six months before passed by members of Congress or US ambassadors in your country.

  1. Mount Rushmore Presidential Mount, South Dakota
    Mount Rushmore Presidential Mountain, South Dakota, another attractive destination that you cannot miss on your trip when booking a flight to the US. Located in the middle of the Black Hills in South Dakota, at a height of 60m, portraits of presidents carved into a huge granite cliff. This is the most famous monument in America. Between June and mid-September, people use the lights at night to create more majesty for these portraits.
  2. Independent Building, Philadelphia

Right in this building, the Declaration of Independence was signed, President George Washington was appointed commander of the Continental Army, and the Constitution was approved. The Independent Building is a separate part of the National Historical Park, where you will also find the Liberty Bell and several museums.

  1. Freedom Trail, Freedom Trail, Boston
    Finally, Freedom Trail is the path through downtown Boston. Perhaps Boston is the best place in the United States to help explore American revolutionary history, because most events take place in and around Massachusetts.

Walking in the Boston Freedom Trail is like visiting a revolutionary museum of history, where there are many impressive images recording the historic moments of the United States. There are many dramas set here to re-enact the American Revolution, especially including footage depicting the Boston massacre.

The above five destinations are only a very small part of the United States, a part of political history. In addition, the United States is also associated with majestic natural landscapes, strange and mysterious lands, diverse and unique cultural features, the United States is the dream land of many people. Coming to America and discovering many famous and attractive tourist destinations are waiting for you.

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