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At The Border: Things To Know About Crossing To And From The USA (part 2)

3. Make sure to check the trunk

This is important to note when both going to and coming back from Canada. Border security won’t hesitate to check the trunk of the vehicle, especially if they suspect something. A positive attitude and complete transparency will help this go much smoother but it’s probably easier just to check the trunk. Something as simple as a hard hat can bring about questions such as, “do you plan to stay and work in Canada?” which can only add to problems rather than take away. Remember to declare items and thoroughly check vehicles before trips.

4. Dogs are allowed to cross the border

We were just as surprised to find out that while fruit is not allowed over the border, dogs most certainly are. It’s comforting to know that travelers can bring their four-legged friends as most of the time, they are part of the family. The only condition is that every dog must have the proper documentation as this is no different than traveling via plane or ship. As long as all the paperwork is in order for your pup’s shots, veterinary history, etc., you should be good to go.

5. Fruit is not allowed to cross the border

In regard to fruit, bringing any type of produce across the border is a big no-no. Just like any other country, allowing food to transcend borders can lead to various insects, spores, seeds, etc. ending up in a country they’re not native to. It’s similar to how invasive species will hitch rides across the ocean on ships and spawn wherever they stop. Other produce could show signs of weakness and be susceptible to whatever produce is coming in, which is why deliveries are examined so carefully when crossing the border.

6. Swap out that American dollar

Obviously, money varies from country to country. While many people who live near the border are aware that the money in Canada is completely different from the US dollar, some might not be aware of it. It’s easy enough to exchange money but it should really be done before crossing the border or as soon as you arrive. Some locations in Canada won’t accept credit cards and many don’t accept American money at all. Just as we’d expect them to use American money, Canada expects us to use Canadian money.

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