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At The Border: Things To Know About Crossing To And From The USA (part 4)

11. Properly Addressing Border Control Goes A Long Way

Manners matter, especially when it comes to international travel. There are no ways around the process and while it is necessary in order for officers to allow travelers to go their merry way. By starting off the process with a courteous, respectful, and knowledgable attitude, security will be more inclined to explain things and help you to understand if anything goes awry. A poor attitude will only get travelers sent to the back of the line or sent home for the day.

12. A List Of What Not To Bring Into Canada

The guidelines on what can be brought into Canada are rather lax but include some notable items. Any type of firearm, fireworks, ammunition, and the like, etc., are not allowed at all. Consumer products, such as baby carriers and certain jewelry-making items, are to be checked against the approved consumer list. Vehicles are allowed, but only if they are declared and proof of reason is produced. All foods and animal-related products must be declared before entering the country.

13. Playing 21 Questions Is Part Of The Process

It’s just something travelers should accept once crossing the border. This is to weed out those who are crossing for illegal means, such as remaining in Canada to work without a visa or citizenship. Intense questioning might also proceed if a traveler is found with any questionable items that they haven’t declared prior to crossing the border or are found coming back with them. In general, if a traveler follows the rules, they’ll only be asked typical, expected questions before being let through.

14. Have Receipts Ready In Case Of Questioning

It’s better to be safe rather than sorry. With both currency and sales tax differing drastically between the two countries, holding onto receipts can only help. When going through the border crossing, it’s not really necessary, but coming back is a different story. Receipts provide the necessary proof of purchase and not having them can definitely prolong passage back into the states. It’s easy enough to hold onto receipts and store them in a wallet or bag until it’s time to head home.

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