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Ten things to know before traveling to the USA (part 1)

The USA is home to countless treasures attracting travelers from everywhere the world. The country houses a number of the foremost picturesque and diverse landscapes on earth, a huge collection of iconic attractions, and lots of concrete jungles to explore. The destination truly encapsulates all the experiences that make a foreign trip an adventure to recollect. Although, there are a couple of things that you simply should remember before visiting the US. From tipping customs and payment expectations to entry requirements and road rules, here are important things to recollect before visiting the USA.

1. States and regions

The USA is split into 50 states and also divided further into different regions. These include the South, West, Midwest, and Northwest.

Each of those regions has different geographical characteristics. For instance, the Northeast is understood for its mountain ranges and rocky coastlines, whereas the Midwest is usually related to large forests, grassy plains, and stretching lakes.

Las Vegas

2. There’s a tipping culture

In America, tipping your waiter is that the normal practice and not leaving one is taken into account rude. Because the wage is low, it’s common to go away a 15% to twenty tip to compensate. If your math may be a bit dusty, it proves helpful to possess your phone calculator nearby. So remember, whether you’re at a restaurant, bar, or during a taxi, it’s important to go away a tip, especially if you’ve received good service.

3. Be prepared to pay more than what is displayed

When it involves purchasing goods and services within the USA, the worth isn’t always what it seems. This is often because most of the costs you’ll see are excluding nuisance tax, so once you reach the counter to pay, expect the cashier to need a rather higher price. Because the tax will vary from state to state, it’s safe to expect a minimum of a tenth addition to the entire cost. This also goes for many accommodation, with ‘resort fees’ commonly added to advertised prices.

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