The 50 highlights of America, state by state (part 3)

10. A touristy state, Statue of Liberty, New York City

The Statue of Liberty seems to be the most famous destination for tourists to visit in the US. It is also worthy to effort for bragging rights alone.

11. A stylish state, 5th Avenue, New York City

If you’re the type of traveler who sees Jimmy Choo and thinks, “Bargain!”, who won’t break the bank at De Beers, who’s in the market for Armani, there’s nowhere suitable for you but the 5th Avenue of New York. It’s really a great experience, even for window shoppers.

12. A frivolous state, Atlantic City, New Jersey

If your style is to chuck money away in a hedonistic paradise, then you should travel to Atlantic City, the paradise of the former gangsters on the Jersey Shore. Atlantic City is no longer what it used to be, however, the beaches are clean, the casinos open, and the boardwalks historic.

13. A daring state, Boulder, Colorado

There are few cities which can match the outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by Boulder, Colorado‚Äôs residents. On weekends, they go camping, hiking, or rock-climbing, or mountain-biking. If you’re not spending your spare time on doing something scary or outdoorsy, you’re really not living the Boulder dream.

14. An outlandish state, Portland, Oregon

The famous slogan “keep Portland weird” shows everything you need to know about Portland, Oregon. This city is the perfect destination for people who feel like eating ethically, dressing outlandishly, and partying heartily with like-minded folk.

15. A creative state, Detroit, Michigan

Formerly, Detroit, Michigan was known as “Motor City”. After the car industry had collapsed, it was known for little more than shattered dreams and deserted homes. However, these days, the city has become a hub for arts and creatives, with repurposed warehouse spaces, community gatherings, and public artworks.

16. A social state, Atlanta, Georgia

The USA has so many cities which know how to party. However, one of the most surprising hotpots is Atlanta, the city with a friendly and thriving nightlife scene.

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