The 50 highlights of America, state by state (part 4)

17. A wealthy state, East Hampton, New York State

When it comes to a brief brush with New York City royalty, throw a Ralph Lauren jumper around your shoulders, slip on some boat shoes and head to East Hampton, which is the sunny playground for the rich and fabulous city. And make sure to pack credit cards.

18. An altered state, Roswell, New Mexico

Why do aliens seem to abduct Americans? You can ponder that in the most UFO-obsessed town of the US, Roswell, in New Mexico, the home to a supposed extraterrestrial sighting, and the place where every place from the clothing stores to the restaurants has a UFO theme.

19. An emboldened state, Miami Beach, Florida

It takes confidence to break out your smalls at Miami Beach, Florida. This is the home of the beautiful and the buff, of year-round tans which are scribbled with tattoos. This is also one perfect place for a holiday in the sun, and if you get tired of the beach, there are excellent Cuban restaurants nearby.

20. A nostalgic state, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina has a lot of down-home southern charm, the old homes and historic civic buildings, the restaurants dishing up large servings of southern hospitality, the carriage rides through quiet streets, and the easy and friendly attitude.

21. An innovative state, Silicon Valley, California

Most of the icons which you stare at on your phone daily come from Silicon Valley, in Mountain View, California. Check out the worldwide headquarters of Facebook, Apple, eBay, Google, and more.

22. A creepy state, Blackout Haunted House, New York and Los Angeles

Known as the “world’s most hardcore haunted house”, Blackout Haunted House gives an immersive, adults-only horror experience which will scare even the hardiest participants. It is as much performance art as it is a game and takes place sporadically in both New York and Los Angeles.

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