The 50 highlights of America, state by state (part 8)

42. An intrepid state, Whitewater rafting, Oregon

Rushing rivers and spectacular mountain scenery of Oregon are perfect for long whitewater rafting adventures, involving white-knuckle rides down rapids on the day, and meals around the campfire by night.

43. A wild state, Cruise the Alaskan coast

Alaskan coast

So many visitors to Alaska choose to take cruisetours – combination cruise and land-holiday packages. Cruisetours offer all the expected cruise ship amenities, for example, myriad activities at each port of call.

44. A watery state, Surfing in Hawaii

For beginner surfers, Hawaii has places for you to whet your gnarly appetite. The professional surfers would like to reach world-famous North Shore breaks like Sunset Beach and Pipeline. Don’t afraid because there are always learner-friendly waves that are lapping the shore at Waikiki.

45. An inspired state, National parks of Utah

Anyone suffering a case of writer’s block, or a mid-life crisis can’t fail to be inspired by the “Mighty 5” national parks of Utah with some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. And we all will be truly moved by the natural magnificence on display when discovering places such as Arches, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef.

Arches offers dramatic rock formations, waves, and curves, that have been sculpted for hundreds of millions of years. Canyonlands, formed by tributaries of the Green and Colorado Rivers, is all about those eponymous gorges. Zion has its emerald pools, and Bryce Canyon rivals the Grand Canyon for jaw-dropping beauty. Yyou can hike or raft or bike, and spend the night under canvas at all of these locations.

46. A momentous state, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Kennedy Space Centre, the NASA base near Orlando, Florida is the place where the most famous space missions of the US have erupted into life, including the first manned flight to the moon Apollo. It is not only a historical tour but also a visit to a working launch pad.

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