The most beautiful cities in America

As one of the countries with the largest area in the world, that also gives America the most magnificent beauty that few countries have. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the famous cities, which are considered the most beautiful cities in America in particular, and in the world in general.

  1. New York
    Not only known as the most attractive and attractive city in the United States, New York is also considered one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. Coming to New York, you will surely admire modern high-rise buildings with unique architectural features, attracting the eyes of the viewer.
    In addition, New York is also a convergence of different cultures from all over the world. Here, you can find hotels, shopping centers or restaurants that are suitable for you.
  2. Boston
    Boston is a city known for many lively neighborhoods, you will feel like you will be lost in an American history book while walking around this city.

Boston city converges all the quintessence of New England with special dishes that you can hardly find all over America, such as: New England Bottled Soda, Maine Lobster …

  1. Washington DC
    Coming to Washington DC in spring, you will be amazed at the blooming beauty of the colorful flowers in the park or the small gardens. You will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful and unique gardens. unique in the world, such as: Rose Garden, Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, and White House Garden.
    Washington Monument is also a place that you should definitely not miss when coming to this city. Besides, there are also many clubs, restaurants, museums for you to choose to visit and entertain.
  2. Miami
    Miami is a city with bold culture of Latin America with white sand stretches and more than 16km of coastline.

You can also personally discover the most authentic Caribbean jewel with interesting music, cigars, handmade souvenirs, coffee and colorful restaurants.

  1. Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is known as a paradise of entertainment, where many famous modern spas, large 5-star hotels and golf courses of international standards are gathered.
    Besides, this city is also a very unique natural museum with tourist attractions such as Colorado River and Death Valley, Red Rock and Grand Canyon.
  2. Orlando
    Orlando is the city with the largest modern amusement park in the world – Walt Disney World Park – the place that anyone who comes to America wants to be here. This is a park not only for children, but even adults who come here can find their own joy in it.