The Most Dangerous Cities In The USA (part 2)

Stockton, California

Like Oakland (also on this list), Stockton doesn’t have a shiny resume. Though it is in California, according to Escape Here, Stockton has had more than 68 crimes per 10,000 people. According to USA Today, the city doesn’t have the lowest unemployment rate in the US but its poverty rate is around 23%. A CBS News article released almost 10 years ago showed that it looks like Stockton is improving from their 13.8 violent crimes per 1,000 people.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Not many people visit Arkansas unless they are going to Little Rock. The quaint town of about 200,000 people offers some awesome outdoor activities. However, those might be on hold as the crime rate is so high. According to Escape Here, there are almost 88 crimes per 10,000 residents – which is massive.

While the unemployment rate seems to be low, the poverty rate is extremely high. So what is eating Little Rock – the largest city of Arkansas? Gang violence. The Huffington Post notes that there was even a documentary about the crisis named Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock.

Oakland, California

Sadly, due to its long history with gang violence, Oakland of California is a frequent visitor on the most dangerous state lists. It is a real shame considering how beautiful living in California is and how affordable Oakland can be.

According to The United States Census Bureau, besides its gangs, break-ins, and homicides, Oakland also has a high poverty rate around 20%. However, the city has seen slow improvement, therefore, let’s hope that they will come in a little higher in the next couple of years.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland might be best-known for their crab but they are also known for their dangerous streets. In Baltimore, there was almost a homicide per day of the year two years ago. Its high crime rate is also a contributing factor in the increasing number of people unemployed and homeless. However, Baltimore’s rough neighborhoods is semi-known, thanks to multiple TV shows depicting the crime Baltimore sees.

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