USA traveling: Top most colorful destinations

Based on the prestigious travel rankings, here are 8 colorful destinations that you cannot miss when traveling to the US.

Wooden Tulip Farm, Oregon

The flower field of the Iverson family of 40 hectares has been planted and opened in 1985. Up to now, this site has become an extremely popular tourist attraction. Every year, this place also organizes a tulip fair lasting from late March to early May to serve tourists.

Tulips are flowers for color enthusiasts. Flower beds are planted spreading according to each color creating waves of vibrant colors. There are dozens of different varieties of tulips here and there are sure to be flowers that make you want to buy a bunch to take home right away.

Art Deco in South Beach, Miami

The Art Deco neighborhood in South Beach, Miami is a pastel-colored paradise. The buildings here are painted yellow, purple, pink, blue, but in soft tones. This decor gives the city a retro vibe. This area has more than 900 buildings, making visitors think they are lost on a beach decades ago.

This is definitely an interesting destination in the cruise on the beautiful Miami coast, bringing the most memorable experience for all visitors.

Philadelphia Street Art, Pennsylvani

Philadelphia is the “home” of more than 3,500 murals of all sizes, shapes and colors. A walking tour around the city to see this outdoor gallery is also a great experience for visitors.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasupai Falls belongs to a reserve of the same name in Coconino County in the southwest corner of Grand Canyon National Park, famous for its clear blue waters and beautiful cascades.

The waterfall is about 27 meters high, flowing vertically from a large cliff to a deep lake, sometimes due to too much rain, the Havasu waterfall will flow down into two parallel waterways.

Tourists here must apply for a permit from the Havasupai tribe and hike through the 13km long distance. Being able to walk right below this shimmering waterfall is a valuable experience for anyone.